The Return of Jetlagged Software

I woke up at midnight here, 8:00am back home. Of course it is time to write some software. I started doing this in Seoul last year, and now I'm doing it again. We went out shopping yesterday and I frequently wanted to know how much things were in pounds. Of course you can get a very rough idea by dividing dollar prices by two, but I wanted more accuracy. You also need to factor in the local sales tax, which comes in at 9%. What I wanted was some form of Damage Calculator which would hopefully discourage me from spending too much. As if.

I wrote a currency converter jetlagged app last time, and so I thought it would just take the code and modify it. Except that the code is of course on the computer I took to Korea, not this one (I really must work on my source code management).

So I've written a better one. It converts from dollars to pounds and back, working out how much you lose to tax each way.


What you get if you enter the price of, say, a PS3 Dualshock 3 controller that you are probably going to buy. That will do nicely.....

If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle and need this, you can find the code here. Just unzip the binary and drop it into your mobile device.