Long Felt Want for Rock Band

I managed to get myself a copy of Rock Band for the PS3 (that is the one which works in the UK). All I had to do was travel to Seattle, got to Fry's, cart the thing back to my hotel room, unpack it and cram it into my suitcase (it just fitted) and then carry it back.


(I left all the empty boxes in the hotel room. I feel a bit bad about this, they might think I've left them a copy of the game to play with, when all they find is a bunch of cardboard and packing.)

Anyhoo, I got the thing home and it is worth the effort. Particularly if you look at how much they are going to charge for the game upon UK release. I've worked my way through Easy mode on drums and I'm now moving on to Normal. It really does feel like drumming and we had a quick go at multi players and the impression of being in a band really is there.

The only slight snag is that the drumpads are a bit noisy when you hit them. So I've bought some felt which I'm going to use to damp the drums. I'm going to get a circle cutter and some foam and hope to make a proper job of damping them down a bit. In the meantime I'm going to use a time-honoured technique for making sure I can't hear the drum pads.

Turn the music up.