Photographic History

We are having a kind of clear out in the department. All kinds of stuff is going out. We found this rather anonymous looking boxy thing. Which turned out (once we have worked out how to open it) to be a Polaroid SX-70.


A real blast from the past. This is an incredible device which when it was launched was an instant camera that worked like an SLR. It had special film that gave amazing results. I vividly remember seeing it on Tomorrows World when it first came out. And now we are chucking them out. Such is life.

Fortunately the Hull University Photographic Society (HUPS) was on hand to take the camera into its collection and give it a good home (well, better than being left in my office).

It is getting very hard to find film for these cameras, but the pictures it produces are incredible. I hope that we can stump up enough cash to get a film pack and run off a few shots with a piece of photographic history.