Checking In for TechEd

Today it was check in time for TechED


What I'm here for

I signed in so early that they were still building the conference. I'm always amazed how quickly and efficiently they can put these events together and take them apart again. They are effectively building a small town in a huge hanger, on brand new carpet. And come the start it will all be there and it will all work. Of course this is not the only conference on here at the moment.



Of course, I could do a session at both.....

Once I'd checked in and had a quick look at my slide deck to make sure that the jokes were still in it I wandered back to the hotel. We are in the same place as last year, the air-conditioner has a wonderful control.


There's something great about having an area labeled the "Comfort Zone".

Next we went out to do some shopping.


In the US the buskers have harps....