FreeSat Fun and Poor Sports

The man came today to fix my FreeSat. FreeSat is a new service in the UK that delivers high definition TV from a satellite. And, now that I have a shiny dish pointing in the right direction, it works.

The only real problem is a lack of content. The only reliable source of High Definition TV  is the BBC channel, which fortunately tonight was showing just what I wanted to see, which was the Wimbledon match between Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet.

The picture was truly amazing, with fantastic detail and no compression artifacts. The game itself was great to watch as well, apart from the braying idiots in the Wimbledon crowd, who shouted, booed and took flash photographs during the points. I hate it when people cheer if the person they've decided is "the opposition" makes a mistake. I ended up rooting for the french player, just because it would really have upset the people watching in the stadium.

If you are thinking about FreeSat it is definitely worth a look. However, remember that there is not that much to look at just now (even Channel 5 is presently missing) and that things like recording programs are presently not possible. However, if they keep developing it and adding new channels it could well become a must-have.