I hate it when everything works

When everything seems to just work it usually means that the universe is just toying with you, and lining you up for some kind of unpleasantness. My iPhone 3G is still lovely, but a bit less lovely now that I have discovered that I can't get my university Exchange account to work over the O2 3G network.  I'm kind of impressed that that the system can actually manage to tell the difference between the two different network connections, but this is not a good kind of impressed since it means my main reason for having the thing is now not there. As I write this the phone is in the middle of a complete reset (when they say "It may take a couple of hours" they seem to be right on the money) as a prelude to seeing if I can make it work by re-activating it. This is bound to be the thing they would tell me to do if I rang up, so I'm getting my retaliation in early.

And the power supply for the Macbook has just gone "pop" and eaten a couple of fuses, which means half an hour on the phone to the Apple support guy (who was actually very helpful) and the prospect of a replacement one in the post at some time in the future. In the meantime I hope I get this typed and sent before the battery gives out. And of course I need the laptop to re-enable the phone.....

I've gone from everything apparently working at 09:00 am this morning to lots of things broken at 3:00 pm. Wah.