Lots of Wall-e is wrong. The premise (the human race renders the earth uninhabitable by rampant consumerism) is rather strange coming from a movie which will be accompanied by the inevitable welter of disposable artifacts that you get with a big budget Hollywood release (actually, I really wanted one of the Wall-e wrist watches they were giving away but didn't get one). The lead character hardly has a line of dialogue, and nobody speaks for the first quarter of the film. Some aspects of the plot are a bit loopy and the people who designed the spaceship had obviously watched '2001 a Space Odyssey' rather a lot.

But the film is brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. We have reached the point where the fact that the whole thing was computer generated is completely incidental (although getting images of this quality and wonder would be impossible any other way). It is all about character and story and that is there in spades, along with a love story thrown in. But don't listen to me any more. Just go and see it.