Kung Fu Panda Kicks Ass

Went to see a kids film tonight. We went to the new Vue cinema at the top of Princes Quay in Hull. They use digital projectors and the picture was wonderful.  The film itself wasn't half bad either. I'd heard good things about it and they were all right.

There is a kind of production line for these kind of computer generated films at the moment, and many of them are are kind of "sub-Pixar, straight to DVD" kind of affairs. However, Kung Fu Panda is definitely a cut above any of these, mostly down to the great voicing by Jack Black amongst others. Nice story, some wonderful set pieces and generally lush images make this a film worth getting to see.

I was pleased to find that Vue was nice and busy when we came out of the film. It is a nice place to go to the movies and I hope it does well. In fact we are planning to see the X-Files movie at Vue on Friday...