The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

If my years on this planet have taught me one thing, it is that the secret to true happiness is properly managing your expectations. I had high expectations of the new Batman movie, and that paid off. I had somewhat lower expectations of the new Mummy movie (and I guess that the next Hellboy release fits somewhere between these two, expectation wise).

Anyhoo, I think  was just about right. The first Mummy was a great film. This one grates a bit, but is generally OK. There are some nice lines and reasonable set pieces, and it is quite relaxing to go and see a film where you can predict the happy ending after around fifteen minutes into the picture. Trust me, Batman is not like that. I got the impression that this one was done a bit on the cheap, but perhaps the lush visuals of the Dark Knight have spoiled me a bit in this respect.

There is talk at the moment about plans to stop serving popcorn in movie theatres as it makes a bit of a mess and is thought to be somewhat downmarket in these sophisticated times. That would be a pity, as it is the perfect thing to eat during films like this.