A Three Act Play Involving Water

Act One: "That Looks Shiny"

In which our hero visits the garage to fetch his gardening gloves and wonders why all the wood leaning against the garage wall appears to be strangely shiny. Almost as if it was covered in water. Which it was.

Act Two: "Search for the Source"

In which our hero learns the joys of bath dismantling and the use of a "Really Nice Hammer" (borrowed from next door) to take up floorboards. Finally resolved when the cold water pipe feeding the bath taps is found to be leaking.

Act Thee: (yet to be completed)

In which, with a bit of luck, a plumber can be made to appear and replace the leaky bit of pipe (how can copper just, like, get a hole in it?) and order, and the side of the bath, be re-established.

Lessons learnt from this narrative:

  1. The leak is never where you think it is.
  2. There is always more water than you think.
  3. When catching drips  in a cup, put a little bit of water in first so you can hear the water splash to indicate it is in the right place. Oh, and make sure that when the cup is full you can actually lift it out, otherwise you have changed the nature of the problem, but not actually solved anything.
  4. No weekend for Rob would seem to be complete without a spot of light plumbing.