Whether Forecasts

I've been watching the weather forecasts again. I watch them for one reason really, to find out if it is going to rain on me or not.  This is kind of annoying, in that most of a weather forecast these days is taken up with telling me what weather has already happened in places where I'm not. Usually focusing on conditions in London. However, I have become quite good at decoding what their sayings mean in respect of the question "Will it rain on me?":

"scattered showers": we don't know

"outbreaks of rain in some areas": we don't know

"changeable": we really don't know

"unsettled": we really don't know, and don't rule out hurricanes

I think, actually, that perhaps the best job to have is weather forecaster. You get paid whether you are right or not. And apparently if you just say "The weather today will be the same as yesterday" you are correct more often than not.