So Much for the Weather

Today was the day of number one daughter's abseil for money. She was doing the jump for Marie Curie Cancer Care (you can still sponsor her here). The venue was Guy's Hospital at London Bridge in, er, London.

We turned up nice and early, daughter went off in the lift to practice on the top of the building and we waited with the other anxious observers.


The building is very tall. You can just see one of the earlier arrivals making their way down the building in the middle of the picture.

The folks next to us had real style, cheering as their friends came down and even uncorking champagne.  We just waited. And waited. Then the jumps were put on hold for while, then further weather checks were made. Then daughter re-appeared at the bottom, still in her harness and wearing a safety hat with the word Cheese on it (something which was never satisfactorily explained).  Then the wind and rain got worse and they were forced to abandon abseiling for the day.

I was kind of relieved, but very sorry for daughter, who had got all the way to the top, done the training, been pretty much the next person to go and then been told "Not today". It is just one of those things, it is nice to know that they take safety very, very seriously, and they will be rescheduling for later this month.

But we did have a great trip to London, and I got some nice photographs.


HMS Belfast, and Tower Bridge


"The Gherkin", and friends