Party Buzz

We had a few folks round tonight for a "Late New Years Eve Party" kind of thing. I got out the Buzz game that I bought for the Departmental Christmas Bash (and then forgot the disk) and we had a go. It was very successful. There are four wireless remotes with selector buttons which are used by the players to answer questions on a range of subjects in a well presented quiz show format.Great fun.

Apparently the voice of Buzz is Jason Donovan, which is interesting (well, it interested me for a second or so anyway). If you want to keep a bunch of folks amused for an hour or so it works well. The in game characters you can select are great fun and the format, although a bit repetitive after a while, works well. I think you can create your own questions as well. Anyone fancy a C# version?

Of course the best ever computer quiz game was "You Don't Know Jack" which was absolutely hilarious...