Making a Fool of Yourself the Rob Miles Way

Turns out to be surprisingly easy. Here is your simple 7 step guide:

  1. Stand around talking after a lecture and forget that you are due in another lecture.
  2. Remember, panic and run to the lecture room.
  3. Note with surprise that your room is already occupied, and that a bunch of students are stood outside not knowing what to do.
  4. Assume that the there has been a timetabling error and apologise profusely to the students.
  5. Ring the office, and ask if there has been a timetable clash.
  6. Find out that you are in fact stood outside the wrong room sympathising with some students who you have never seen before, and that your class is in fact patiently waiting for you in the room across the corridor.
  7. Apologise to everyone. Twice.

Oh well. At least the lecture went well in the end.