Everything Digital is Rubbish


Sometimes it seems to me that progress is made on the basis of one step forwards and two steps back. Today the DAB radio in the kitchen stopped working. It didn’t go a bit mushy (which is what the old analogue FM one did). Instead it went all staccato, and finally expired completely. I’ve had this happen before. I think it doesn’t like trees full of wet leaves, or something. Never mind, I thought, we can get digital radio on our TV.

Except we can’t. Some trickery at FreeView has seen all our TV channels break and move around, so that now the radio stations hardly work and I had to buy a new tuner to get the Media PC in the living room to work at all.

I wish (and remember this is a gadget person talking here) that we didn’t always move into new technology before we have actually got them as good as the ones they are replacing. Music players have only recently caught up with my old walkman, in that they now have the ability to resume playing where they left off.  Digital radio (and TV for that matter), were sold on the basis of more channels (which I don’t really want) and better quality (which was a lie).

Oh well, I suppose they will catch up eventually. We dug out the old analogue radio and that seems to work.