Digital Fun


Since I’ve been on holiday for a while I’m starting to get the urge to actually do stuff and mend things. Today I thought I’d start small by sorting out the aerial wire to a TV that, since the digital TV signal was “upgraded”, fails to play half the channels it used to. I attempted to solve this by improving the signal a bit. This turns out to be a multi-step process:

  1. Replace nearly working connection with disconnected wire. Discover that there is now no picture at all.
  2. Connect input to disconnected wire. But there is still no picture.
  3. Search for and install antenna amplifier that has been lying around for a while and insert into signal chain to provide much needed boost.
  4. Find that there is still no picture.
  5. Discover that output is now being sent down wrong wire.
  6. Connect to right wire and note that picture returns and mostly works. But not as well as before we started.
  7. Discover that antenna amplifier is not actually plugged in. Plug it all the way into the socket. Now the picture is watchable, and we are just about back to where we were six months ago.

While I was up in the loft I got down an old computer from way back, just to see if it still works. It does, and so we recorded some old music files from it. Some of them go back to 1991. This was a ground breaking machine at the time, and it does boot fast from its 80MB disk. Any ideas which machine?