Hull Digital Event


We had the first Hull Digital event at the university today. People found their way to the department OK, because (or perhaps in spite of) the arrows that I stuck on the wall using borrowed blu-tack.

Anyhoo, we had two speakers and both were excellent.

Andrew Chalkley, from Cake Solutions  showed just how powerful Ruby on Rails is. He did this by creating a complete blog site, with comments and user authentication, in around fifteen minutes. The fusion of language and tools that you get with this framework looks very powerful, and well worth a look I reckon.

Then Craig Albeck took to the floor. Craig works for the Hull based company behind Omerta (a text based Mafia game) and ThirteenOne (a free on-line video gaming magazine which actually features some stuff by me). In a very interesting talk Craig spoke of his experiences in the market place and how to get out there and build a brand of your own. 

Great stuff. I’m looking forward to the next event.