Having Fun By Degrees

Did my one and only degree warmup of this round of ceremonies today. It was for the students from our faculty, which meant that there were people in the audience who I had actually taught something. Perhaps. Everyone played their parts very well and it was a terrific ceremony. I took the camera along, of course.


Artistic shot of one of the maces


Hon. Grad Sir Andrew Clark, Master of the Rolls, giving his speech (very good one by the way).


Looking Left


Looking Right

I took the pictures at the end of the ceremony when everyone is relaxed, including me. My little camera did quite a good job with the shots.If you want to see a much bigger versions (where you can pretty much recognise everyone) click on the images above and follow the links to the versions on my Flickr account. Then click on the (+ All Sizes) button at the top so you can play “Where’s Wally (or Waldo)” properly.