Polaroid Pogo Printer and Microsoft Tag

I fondly remember Polaroid cameras. I even had one for a while. You forgave them their dodgy colours and blurry nature because they were so instant. They are pretty much gone now, but the desire for instant printed gratification hasn’t, so Polaroid are still making portable devices that let you print tiny pictures. Of course, the colours are still a bit dodgy, and there is a bit of blur, but they actually look pretty darned good.

The thing I’m talking about is the Polaroid Pogo. This is a device around the size of a portable hard drive, which will print out onto 2x3 inch prints, that can be made into stickers. You send the prints either from your camera using the usb PictBridge interface or via Bluetooth from any device that can transfer files that way (which includes most mobile phones but unfortunately not the iPhone for some reason).

I nearly bought one a while back, but reckoned they were a bit expensive at around 90 pounds. For some reason the price seems to have halved recently, which is either good (we’ve sold so many that we can drop the price) or bad (we’ve not sold any, and so we need to get rid of them). Either way, it worked for me and so I got one from Amazon.

It works a treat. It is particularly good at printing Microsoft Tags. These are the things that you can scan with your mobile phone to direct you to a web site, or business card or something. I can fit a couple of them onto a single 2x3 output and then stick them around the place.


Pogo and printout. You can even follow the tag from the image above, which is pretty amazing.

I can see this being a huge hit down the pub, where you might want to take lots of pictures and then let folks take a copy home. The paper is a tad pricy, working out at around 30 pence per print, but I guess that is the price that you pay for immediacy.

We are going to have a Tag Treasure Hunt in the department at the Mad March Bash (coming soon…) and now I have the perfect device for printing the tags.