X48 Cheesy Success

Last weekend four of our students went over to Derby to take part in the X48 Marathon gamecamp.  The idea was to create a game from scratch using C# and XNA 3.0 based on a particular theme. So it was that Harry Overs, Rob Eagle, Rob Hubbucks and Craig Dickman from our second year headed over to Derby to rub shoulders with lots of fellow game developers, many of whom were students from Masters levels courses.

Our lowly second years actually did quite well for themselves. The theme was “evolution” and by the simple technique of not sleeping for a day and a half they managed to come up with “Evo Fighter” a beat-em-up that merges arcade punching action with an exposition of the ideas of Darwin.


Part of the very funny start screen….


Evo Fighting Action

This managed to walk off with the “Cheesiest Game Award”. When the cheese arrives from Derby, I’ll put up a picture of the team with their prize. I’m very proud of them, and like to think I have taught them well. You can find out more about them here.

Apparently Channel 4 were there filming, so there might be some TV coverage too.

I’m hoping that the competition will become an annual event. I’m tempted to dress up as a student (some say I already do) so that I can take part if it runs again. Many thanks to everyone at Derby, Microsoft and Pixel-Lab for setting it up.