Memory Upgrades and New Hard Disks

What do you do if you have sworn off working with computers for a while?

Go up town, buy some memory and a hard disk and spend the day upgrading stuff.

My little MacBook, which has all my music and media on it, has just about filled up its little 120G hard disk. It could do with something a little larger. And my Advent Netbook, although wonderful with Windows 7, does chug a bit when I run more than a couple of programs alongside each other. And so, since this is not technically programming as such, it was off to the shops and out with the debit card.

The Advent 4211 upgrade was simple enough, once I’d got all the screws out and unclipped the back. The memory went straight in and then, after a kind of “reverse tussle” to get the back clipped on again we were in business. Windows 7 noticed the upgrade straight away, and seems a lot happier. The good news about a move like this is that you don’t double the memory from 1G to 2G, you have a much bigger effect than that, since the operating system takes up a good chunk of the original memory. I reckon that I now have around three or four times the original space for running programs.

The Apple upgrade took a bit longer, what with having to copy all the files off the original disk onto the new one, but it was actually a very smooth process. I put the old disk in a USB caddy and then restored the old contents onto my newly installed operating system, which worked a treat.

All in all, a successful day, but not perhaps as far away from computers as I originally planned.