No, Water Really Will Be the Death of Me

Today the sun shone, the overflow was as dry as a dry thing from a dry desert in a drought, and all seemed well. Of course, the washing machine was taking longer to run, but that could just be down to us using a new “eco friendly” programme. Or could it?

Turns out the washing machine uses water. That is, it takes water in but then, having churned it around for a while, it seems incapable of getting it out again.  So I had more wet hi-jinks as I had to drain the darned thing and see if any of the filters were bunged up. There was some lint here and there, but nothing that should have slowed things down much.

At the moment we are at a kind of impasse. The machine works, in that things come out cleaner than they went in, but it does spend a long time emptying itself. I’m inclined to suspect the pump as not actually doing the pumping thing properly, and so I guess I can look forward to a visit from the repair man and uplifting discussions as to just what is covered by warranty.

I’m starting to wonder when it will all end. I’m turning taps on with the expectation of either a huge bang or nothing. I’ve taken to swimming in my dreams, just in case the house floods at night. Is this how hydrophobia starts?