Nintendo DSi

As a reward for finishing off Chapter 14 I went up town and had a look at the new Nintendo DSi. This is an update of the Nintendo DS which has been around for a while. This has a couple of cameras, bigger screens and can play music off an SD card (although not MP3 songs). GameStation were doing a trade in deal on the old DS Lite which brought the price down to something sensible and, since I happened to have my old DS Lite and power supply with me (what are the chances of that eh?) I got a less shiny new black device.

Very nice. The new larger screens look excellent, and the camera games and audio games are great fun. I’m told that the battery life on the new devices isn’t as good, but I’ve not noticed this yet. The only real problem is that, as there are no DSi games out there yet, the machine doesn’t really represent much of an advance on the old DS, but it does have a faster processor and will also support the download of games into memory (it has 256M) and also SD card.

I downloaded a couple of games from the online DS store via the home WiFi, along with the free browser which works quite well (although it ran out of memory showing my Gmail pages) and so long term prospects are promising.

And Zoo Keeper has never looked so good.