.NET Micro Framework Dare to Dream Different UI

The .NET Micro Framework Dare to Dream Different competition round closes on Friday. We have to have a working prototype and a video of it working, all ready by 11:59 PST. So this seemed like a good time to build the product.

Actually, we’ve been working on it for some time, getting the sensor class design sorted and the physical sample sensors built up, but the User Interface needed to be built, and so I started that today.


The first menu display. The touch buttons work too!

The device will be entirely touch screen controlled, with no need for buttons at all. I’m building the display components on the fly rather than having pre-rendered graphics. The device seems plenty fast enough to do this, and I’m caching the components once I’ve drawn them. (If I run out of memory I might need to rethink this, but I only solve problems when they are problems, and not before).

I’m using a combination of events from the touchscreen and background timer to get a responsive display that is easy to use. So far it seems to be going OK. Once I get the components working I’ll post the code.