Star Trek Review… but not as we know it

First things first. The movie delivers. From exploding planets to starship battles to green women in bed with James T, Kirk. They even had a chap turn up with a forgettable name in a red outfit who joined the mission and then was summarily disposed of. The only thing missing was a self destruct sequence, but then blowing up the brand new Enterprise in the first movie is probably not a plan I suppose.

The elephant in the room is of course that once you open up the possibility of alternative timelines (and Star Trek has been doing this for years – at least in this timeline) then they can do pretty much anything they like with the plots and characters. So they have. And it is great.

The new Captain Kirk works really well. And doesn’t have an actor who. puts. extra. full. stops. in. the. middle. of. his. sentences.  However, the new Spock is even better. They seem to have a found cast of folks I’ve never seen before and this is fine too, because you are seeing the character first, which with this kind of baggage is the only way to travel.

Everything works, everything is shiny, and I’m definitely going to see it again.

Let’s hope that that the inevitable sequels are as good.