Anvil the Movie

What do you do if you’ve been trying to make it as a Rock God for thirty years and not made it yet?

Keep trying.

The story of Anvil is the kind of thing you wouldn’t make up, because nobody would believe you. The tale of two childhood friends that formed a band, headlined in Japan thirty years ago as the Heaviest of Heavy Metal and then, through bad luck and bad management, totally failed to go anywhere, is utterly implausible.

And yet it works, mainly due to the likeability of the two men behind the band. When we first meet them they are going about their day jobs, delivering school dinners and doing a bit of building work, planning a tour of Europe that could be their big break.  Except that it doesn’t really quite turn out like that.

So they come back again, and try with their thirteenth album to break through into the mainstream. And then? Well, you will have to get to the movie and see.

But I don’t think you will be disappointed.