Imagine Cup Presentation

I’ve seen some things in my time. No, really. Now I’ve also seen an awards ceremony in the shadow of the pyramids. I’m not sure that the pharaohs, as they laid their plans for their final resting places, were also thinking “And you know what? This would be a great place to hold a the awards ceremony of the Imagine Cup in a few thousand years….”. Either way it worked.

When we arrived the sun was just going down.


Postcard Shot


The Backdrop


The stage


The winners of the Software Development Challenge, Romania, with second placed Russia and third placed Brazil. I helped judge these, all worthy entrants – well done folks!


A whole bunch of happy people.

The Imagine Cup has been, as ever, amazing. The venue, the events, the attention to detail. And, of course, the students. Thanks to Microsoft for making it possible, making it work, and letting me come along.