Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

One of the great things about being a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) is that you get a bit of money to spend at the Microsoft company store each year. This means that I can keep my keyboard up to date. I really like using the bendy ergonomic ones. They help with my wrists and I think they are the main reason I’ve never had any problems even though I type quite a lot. The other nice thing about them is that it is quite fun watching someone who has not seen one before trying to type using it…

Anyhoo, each year that goes by I worry that Microsoft might stop making bendy keyboards and so I buy another one for stock with my MVP award. Fortunately they seem to be alive and kicking, and the new keyboard I’ve just got is about the nicest I’ve seen. It has a very quiet key action and a few extra buttons and neat features including a zoom lever in the middle which you can use to change the magnification in apps like Word and PowerPoint.

If you have ever had any kind of RSI problems, or you are concerned about this aspect of computer use I’d strongly advise taking a look at such a keyboard. Once you get use to it I think you will find it very helpful.