Free XNA Curriculum Materials Now Live

If you have been wondering about what all the “Today I have Been Mostly Writing” posts last month were all about you can find out as the courseware is now available on Microsoft Faculty Connection:

This is a complete programming course which is designed to be taught over 10 weeks at a rate of 6 sessions a week (although you can pull individual sections out and use them if you wish).  There is a course matrix that sets out how to sequence this.

The course teaches programming from first principles, using XNA games as the basis of all the sample code.  There are extensive tutor notes on the slide decks and a sequence of step-through labs for students to follow. There are even revision tests for each section.  It is based on the chapters in my textbook, which is the first link in the above list.

You can download the material without signing in, by selecting the “Skip this Step” option on the download page.

If you are going to use the material in any way I’d love to hear how you got on.