Imagine Cup Live Meeting Fun

Well, I did my Imagine Cup Live Meeting today. Just me sitting on my own in my little room with a headset on, talking to students all round the world who must have got up early/stayed up late to find out how to succeed in the Imagine Cup Software Development challenge.

It all seemed to go OK, although it is a bit un-nerving when you are just speaking out into the void with no feedback other than a set of coloured indicators showing how happy the audience is. I knew that green was good, and red was bad, but when a couple of lights turned blue I had completely forgotten what that meant. I thought it was either “Speak more slowly or speak more loudly” and so I solved the problem by SPEAKING SLOWLY AND LOUDLY for a while until the lights went green again.  Actually, I’ve just thought some more. Blue could mean “speak more quietly” or  “speak more quickly”. Oh well.

If you were in the audience, thanks for turning up, I hope we managed to answer all your questions. I think my finest moment was when somebody asked “How many countries are in the Imagine Cup?” and I finally managed to come up with “All of them”. Actually, as Matt informed me a second after that, the real answer is 70.

If you have any other questions that sprang out of the presentation you can post them in the forums, which you can find here:

When the presentation had finished I left my microphone switched on for a few minutes, which meant that the assembled multitude were treated to the sound of my heavy breathing for a while. Sorry about that.