Pong HD in the Windows Marketplace


Harry Overs, one of our second year students, has taken the version of Pong that he wrote for coursework in his first year and made it into a Windows phone game. It is now on the Marketplace for anyone to download. Harry got a free Marketplace membership from Dreamspark.com (any student can do this) and submitted the app a little while back. He did the bulk of the development on the emulator and then just popped into my office and tried the game on my device to make sure that the touch and tilt elements were properly calibrated.

Well done Harry. If you want to check out the game you can find it by searching the Marketplace for Pong HD. Any other Hull students out there with games they want to try on a real device, just drop round to my office and we’ll fire them up.

Note: This doesn’t include the two First Year students who bought the first two HTC HD7 devices in Hull, and stopped me from getting one….