Hull Northern Stars Event on October 29th

In Hull we're really lucky to have the C4DI (or Centre for Digital Innovation). They will soon be moving into their spiffy new building and one of the first big events they are hosting is a heat of the Northern Stars initiative.

This aims to give innovators and entrepreneurs a platform where they can pitch their ideas. Each entry gets a three minute slot to make a splash. Best pitch of the night gets an iPad and a chance to move into the big league.

These events are great fun, both to watch and take part in. They are also the perfect place to meet up with fellow developers and backers and trade ideas and business cards. If you are first year who just wants to come along and find out what pitching is all about or a finalist who wants to find out if their idea is a good one you should sign up and take part. And if that wasn't enough incentive, they have free Pizza and Beer too.

I've already booked my ticket. You can get yours here.