Microsoft Certified Career Conference


Andy and I did our Windows Phone 60 Minute Rock Star show today. Andy is actually in a rock band and played a proper concert last night. I have a copy of Rock Band and like the Lego version best….

Anhoo, all went well – apart from my laptop freezing and falling off the network, forcing me to spend a nervous five minutes rebooting the thing and getting back into the Live Meeting. Fortunately this happened just at the point where Andy was showing off his Silverlight skills and I was able to drop back in on cue and show some live Cheese Lander action in XNA.

If you were along for the ride this morning, thanks for the perceptive questions at the end, I hope what we did was useful to you. I said I’d put some links in the blog and here they are:

To get started and download the development tools:

To get a copy of Cheese Lander, plus lots of other XNA examples: