Optimus Quest Winner


LG Optimus 7

Well, I’ve had a fun weekend going through all the Optimus Quest entries. By the end I’d had loads and it has taken a while to take a look at each one. Quite a few people had submitted multiple ideas, which was great but meant even more stuff to go through. For each of the entries the questions I considered, in order, were:

  • Can this application actually be made to work on the phone?
  • Can I see anyone using/playing the application?
  • Has it been done before on Windows Phone?

That narrowed things down a bit, and then I moved on to picking a winner from the ones that are left.  Which was very, very, tricky. At the end I settled on “Magic Finger” from Marcin Limanski. A very nice idea that I hesitate to describe in too much detail in case someone else takes it on and gets there first. If you want to contact me Marcin we’ll see about getting the phone sent to you.

The Bad Taste award goes to “Poo Shoot” from Marc Cutsforth which was pretty much as disgusting as the name implies. The Most Amusingly Useless award goes to “Spinning Bow Tie” from ‘Ignorant Pom’.

Honourable mentions go to Emma-Jane Alexander,  Beverley Usher, David Parker, Simon Johnson and Jason Wakefield for workable ideas that really should be taken further.

Thanks to everyone who took part, and thanks again to Sheryl at LG for supplying me with such a nice prize to give away.