Bye Bye iPhone


Today is a fairly momentous one (if you can have fairly momentous days). I’ve reached the end of my 18 month iPhone contract and it is time to formally move all my mobile phone stuff over to my Windows Phone device. I’ve been carrying two phones around for a while, which has been a pain. Anyhoo, today is the day that the number transfer goes through so that in the unlikely event of anyone ringing me up, they will now reach me through the wonder of Windows Phone.

I’ve really enjoyed using an iPhone. It represented a genuine advance on the field when it came out all those years ago. It is a delightful device which is a pleasure to use and has served me very well. I went through three iPhones in total in my time with the platform. However, I’ve used Windows Phone for a while now and I prefer it. Stuff seems to take fewer presses to achieve. When I use my iPhone I find myself pressing the screen for a back button that isn’t there and the way you move between applications seems clunky to me. Some of the more recent advances to the OS seem to have detracted from the initial simplicity that it had.

The Windows Phone has a way to go. There are a few iPhone features that I’ll miss for a while but I reckon that Windows Phone will catch up over time.  And I love the idea that I can write C# for the device.