A “Bustlectomy” for Jason the Micro Framework Robot


I did a bit of surgery on my Fez Micro Framework Robot yesterday. I took off his “bustle” at the back. I say his bustle, because my Micro-Framework robot is now called Jason, in honour of the JSON framework I’m working on to give him simple two way communication with a host machine.

The bustle was fine, but it hung out over the back a bit, and I wanted to make him (it?) a bit leaner and meaner. The new slim line Jason has all the sensors on his nose. He has a range finder right at the front and a pair of line followers underneath and coloured LEDs he can use to tell the world how he feels. At the moment he zooms around the living room nearly bouncing off things. I must admit it is great fun building him and writing programs to control what he does. You can write any number of desktop apps, but there is something very satisfying about seeing your code make the robot rush up to a wall, notice it, spin round and then vanish under the sofa. I’ll put up some more construction details later, when I’ve finished playing…