Devdays 2010 Windows Phone Game Development Talk.

Devdays 2010 Windos Phone Session Audience Left Devdays 2010 Windos Phone Session Audience Right

Here is the content from my session. Thanks for being a great audience. This is actually the content from my TechDays 2010 Portugal session. I, ahem, overwrote the text in the original post. Sorry about that.

The code works on the current version of the CTP for the Windows Phone system. You can download this from here. If you want to use demo 3B to serve out accelerometer information to your phone app make sure that the program is running with Administrator privileges, and that you have modified the URL in the Phone Starlight program to address this host (localhost should just work).

If you want to get started with Windows Phone you can find a list of useful lines (and some FAQ entries) here.