Hull Holy Trinity Church

“The church looks lovely inside today” said the chap watching me take photographs in Hulls’ Old Town.

Hull Old Town

I asked if it was OK to have a look around, and maybe take some photographs. “Sure” he said “You get a great view from the pulpit”

Hull Holy Trinity Church Pulpit

He wasn’t wrong. The font you can see at the end of the Nave weighs two tons. William Wilberforce was baptised in it. Mind you, there were some other pretty amazing views to be had as well.

Hull Holy Trinity Church Window

Hull Holy Trinity Church Stained Glass

..and finally, outside

Hull Holy Trinity Church Reflection

If you live in Hull, and have not been around Holy Trinity then you are missing out. I got there early this morning and pretty much had the place to myself, which was wonderful for me, but rather sad really, in that more people should be seeking out “the largest parish church in England” and having a look round. Breathtaking.