Gadget Show 2010

Went to the Gadget Show today in Birmingham. They released a whole bunch of extra tickets and so number one son and I thought that it might be worth a visit. So off we went. Got there with out a hitch and got in nice and early. I took the tiny camera to snatch some pictures.

Sony 3D TV

There was a lot of 3D out there, with funny glasses all over the place. We tried the Sony one and there was definitely a 3D effect, which of course you can’t see above.

Six Screens

It’s all very well setting up a monster system like this, but why let a five year old drive it?

Aspiral Clock

As a connoisseur of convoluted clocks, this one looked very interesting, but I daren’t ask the price.

Split Second

They were showing off Split Second in the gaming area. This is being developed by Black Rock, a developer which is part of Disney Studios and is based in Brighton (and numbers a few Hull graduates amongst its employees). The game looks absolutely awesome,  it is a racing game with an amazing interactive environment you can use in the game play. Think Burnout with bigger explosions. Then add some even bigger explosions. That one’s going on my shopping list.

Fork Lift Truck Simulator

This game isn’t on my list. Why would anyone pay 24.99 for a Forklift truck simulator? I spent a few weeks one summer driving one and they can be quite  fun (especially doing drifts with a tonne of frozen peas on the front) but even so…

BTW number one son is playing Just Cause 2 and it looks really good.