Red Dead Redemption


Number one daughter texted me to ask me what kind of Father’s Day I was having. “Oh” I replied, “I just learnt to ride and shot a bunch of coyotes. Next I’m going out with the sheriff to round up a gang of rustlers. “

The family had clubbed together and got me the game  “Red Dead Redemption”  (or “Grand Theft Horsey” as some people call it).  Fantastic. It is like being inside a western movie. The thing that impresses me most is the depth of the scenario and the attention to detail. If I was at school and preparing for a test on life in the old west then I reckon a few days of this would probably give me enough of a feel of the place and time to at least get a pass. Particularly if the exam had a section on headshots.

Perhaps people could learn Latin by playing “Grand Theft Chariot” or whatever.  Then again, perhaps not. Either way it is a darned fine game that I’m looking forward to working my way through.

Apparently in the follow up game you take control of a design agency and through a mixture of cold blooded executions and nifty product placement take over the world. It is called “Red or Dead Redemption”.