Got Phone

Windows 7 Phone


Got my Windows 7 phone working today (I’m calling it mine in case anyone tries to take it away). Works a treat. Once I got it to talk to the hotel WiFi it started to show just how nice Windows Phone 7 actually is. I really like it, but this week my focus is on writing programs, not phone user interface design.

So it was on with the fun and games getting my programs deployed to the device from Visual Studio. Which I had not done before. For this I had to lean on the expertise of fellow MVPs who came to my assistance with advice and software in equal measure.

Thanks to Ginny, Joel and Nick for sterling support which paid off in the end. It really was nice to see my program running on a device, and I love the feeling that I can get any of my silly ideas deployed to a real phone (and maybe even sell them)

Then we went out for a walk and I bought a Pay as You Go sim for my phone.  I’ll let you all know the number later, so you can ring me and talk to a real Windows Phone if you want.