Stepping up to the Imagine Cup Final

Imagine Cup Poland Opera House Lights

They have a chandelier collection at the back, just in case they ever need, well, a chandelier, in a hurry.

We went down to the Warsaw Opera House today to take a look and rehearse our bits for the Finals tomorrow. Blimey. (that is actually the most appropriate word I can find right now). Blimey. The stage is huge. You could fit all of Hull New Theatre (and I think I mean the building) behind the stage. The wings are so large I’m surprised the whole thing hasn’t flown away by now…

Imagine Cup Poland Stage Setup

Anyhoo, all of the finalists will present from a platform that is moved into position and slotted into the stage itself. The are down here today setting everything up on their platform at which time the systems will be left that way until they are needed tomorrow night. I’m one of the finalist judges and I’m going to be on stage at the front viewing the presentations great fun.