Imagine Cup Awards Night

Poland Imagine Cup 2010 Opening Dancers

Opening the ceremony with some Polish Traditional Dancers.

Imagine Cup awards night tonight. Great fun. The evening started with some dancing and then we got down to business.

Poland Imagine Cup Awards 2010 Jon Perera Opening

Jon Perera opening the evening. There were lots of awards, and loads of happy teams crowding the stage with their flags.

Poland Imagine Cup 2010 Interoperability Winners

Jas Sandu with the Interoperability Award winners. I helped to judge this one. Excellent entries, with a worthy winner from Jamaica.

Then it was time to announce the Software Development winners. These were the names all the judges have worked so hard to find.

Poland Imagine Cup 2010 Winners

Here are the top three. Well done Thailand, Serbia and New Zealand. For a full list of all the winners and links to their project details you can go here.

Then it was time to announce where the competition was going to be based in 2011.

Poland Imagine Cup 2010 Next Year

I’ve hidden a clue to the venue for next competition somewhere in this picture. See if you can find it.

Yep, it’s USA, New York to be exact. And we had a very familiar face give us all a welcome to Imagine Cup 2011.

Poland Imagine Cup 2010 Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America, reckons it is a good idea for you all to take part next year. And so do I. You can sign up and look at the shiny new Imagine Cup website here.

I’d like to thank Microsoft for setting up and running this fantastic competition that brings so much to competitors and judges alike. People ask me why Microsoft spend so much effort on this competition. I have to answer that I don’t really know. But I’m really glad that they do.