Cheap Network Connection

Hull Building

Nice building in Hull today.

If you have an internet enabled phone and want the cheapest way to get on-line with it you really should take a look at Tesco Mobile.  These folks will send you a free pay as you go sim (it costs 99 pence to buy in the store) and you can put credit on it in all the usual ways. You can also have a 2 pounds a week “unlimited use” network connection for your phone. In this case I think “unlimited” means 500 megs in the week, which is OK unless you start streaming “Deal or No Deal” to it. But then again, why would you want to do that?

It does mean that you can have a fully working internet phone for around 8 pounds a month, which has got to be good value. I popped one of these into my Windows Phone and it works a treat. The network is actually provided by O2, which may or may not be good news depending on where you live.