Flight into Danger (well, almost)

Renton Cllarion

Not a bad place, just not where I want to be.

In a perfect world I’d be posting this from home, not the Renton Clarion Hotel  “Conveniently situated just minutes from Seattle Sea-Tac airport”. But there you are, and here I am.

Twenty minutes into our flight out we had a “passenger incident” which resulted in us returning to Seattle and the plane filling with burly men wearing Tasers and striking action poses. Most exiting. Less exciting was the “slow reveal” of the fact that we would not be flying out on Saturday, but on Sunday. I feel very sorry for the staff on the plane and those at the airport who had to deal with a nasty logistical problem not of their making. I feel even more sorry for anyone who fell asleep just after takeoff and then woke up fifteen minutes later thinking they’d just had the shortest and smoothest transatlantic flight ever.

Still, the system worked and I’m sitting here with my “Delta Airlines Meal Voucher” and wondering what kind of breakfast blowout you can get for six bucks.

We are taking off again at noon today. Then I get to enjoy a seven hour stopover in Schipol airport before catching my flight to Humberside a day late.  Good oh.