Home at Last

Bellevue Quay

I think I’d rather like to live near here though.

Made it home this lunchtime. Luggage got here in time for tea (not that we wanted to eat it).

The journey nearly managed a final twist though. On the way down to land the pilot said, in a rather whimsically Dutch way, “The cloud ceiling is only around 100 meters above the ground, so we might have problems seeing the runway. Anyhoo, we are going to have a go and see how we get on…”.

The alternative to landing at Hull was not actually piling into landscape at speed but an all expenses paid trip to Doncaster airport. I’ve used this line before – nice enough place but no great desire to go there just right now. Fortunately the ground came up to hit is in just the right way.

It wasn’t a fun trip, but it was considerably funner (if that is a word) thanks to the folks that I met up with along the way. With my terrible memory for names I’ve forgotten what you are all called, but I do remember that you were great company at a time when a few laughs was probably the best we could hope for. Hope you all got to your destinations OK.  And your luggage too.