…and you may now start writing

Exam prep

Before the fun starts….

Did my turn in the exam hall today. Something to do with micro-Biology. I’m glad I didn’t have to answer the questions, although the students there seemed to find plenty to write about. One candidate was very careful about erasing things that they thought were wrong. They must have gone through about a pen’s worth of ink crossing things out. A tip, never do this. Just put a single line through the text so that it is still readable. I’ve been known to give marks for crossed out stuff as long as it leaves me with the impression that the candidate knows something about the subject. If I can’t read what you have put then you have no chance of getting any credit for it.

I had this plan to turn up with a bunch of examiners, one dressed as an American  Indian, another as a construction worker, a third as a motorbike cop and so on… When someone asked who we were I could have said “Oh, we’re the ‘Invigilation People’”.