Mango and Visual Studio 2011


Spent a little chunk of today upgrading my Windows Phone to the proper version of Mango. Some time ago I was lucky enough to get hold of the Release Candidate for Windows Phone 7.5 and last week they released the final version. When we did the Release Candidate upgrade we were told to make a backup of the phone and keep this safe, safe, safe so that we could revert back to the version from the mobile operator (in my case Orange) and then apply their upgrades too.

Of course I lost mine.

I can’t really think of a good excuse either. I just went back to where it should have been and it wasn’t there. I think I confused CTRL+Drag (copy) with Drag (move) and then ended up with one less copy of the file than I thought.

Never mind, the good news is that the Windows Phone folks have supplied an update that removes the need to return to any backups. This is also nice because it means that any SMS messages, phone calls and other stuff in the really useful messaging threads will stay up to date. The update runs twice, once to put the latest version of Windows 7.5 on your device and again to reconnect the phone to the update servers from your mobile operator. It works well, in fact the first thing that happened after I’d done all this was another update from Samsung.

If you have upgraded your phone to Windows Mango Release Candidate you should be getting the messages about upgrades real soon now. I’ve not noticed much new about the new version yet, but then the Release Candidate was pretty darned solid anyway.

Make sure that when you do the backup you do it on a machine which the phone is synchronised with. That way it will take (another) backup that might be useful in the future. I’m going to try very hard not to lose this one.