Useful DIY Tip


I’m presently taking apart a Kinect sensor to get some pictures for a Kinect book that I’m writing (keep posted for more details). One of the problems that you have when working on these things is the way that they have tiny screws that need to be put back into tiny, and hard to get to, places. So to solve this I used my old “Blu-Tac” screwdriver technique (other sticky fixer solutions are available).

You can use a tiny blob of “Blu-Tac” to stick the screw to the end of the screwdriver. Then it is as easy as pie to put the screw back in the hole. You can also use this technique if you don’t want the screw to fall into the device when you have removed it. And it also works when you take glasses to bits and don’t want to lose those really tiny screws.