Printing Large


Bought a gadget yesterday. Fancy that. And not a small thing either. A Brother MFC-J6510 printer/scanner/copier/corns cut while you wait. I’ve had “all in one” printers before but this one is a bit special because it is A3. I’ve fancied printing out large pictures for a while and this one looked a pretty good deal. Very heavy. Number one son and I were visibly wilting as we got it back to the car. Seems to work well though. Print quality is good on large paper, although I’ll have to get some proper Brother paper to get the best out of it. If was shipped with tiny ink cartridges, which means that after six or so pages I’ve got warning lights coming on, and thanks to the “Magic of Photoshop Elements” I manage to waste a page of expensive paper when it failed to print what the preview showed it would.

However, I’m very pleased with it. I was particularly impressed when I found that it is also an A3 scanner, so I can get some really big pictures and stuff into the computer easily.

If you are in the market for big printing it well worth a look. But take a friend to help carry it out of the shop…